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Letsatsi Healing Space

Akanya ka Letsatsi- Consider the sun

About Letsatsi Healing Space

Akanya ka Letsatsi - Consider the sun

Letsatsi Healing space offers tailored programmes, to humans seeking healing, support, validation, growth and next-level performance in their work. The programmes are suitable for victims/survivors of GBV, humans who suffer from PTSD, humans who need life coaching,  focusing on relationships and career or a mixture of all the above. The programmes are led by Rosie Motene.

At present Letsatsi Healing space, offers the following programmes.

1. The Validation programme
(Depending on availability and resources, these sessions can be offered on a pro bono basis)

1.1Your pain is valid.
Speaking out against GBV is never easy, and as history has dictated, many victims/survivors choose not to speak out for their reasons. This program is for those who have lived with the hidden trauma and wish to find a space to speak out, have somebody listen and believe them and try and find mechanisms to help them cope.

The sessions offer a safe and confidential space. The sessions include guidance and counselling. The applicant will receive breathing and relaxation methods and mechanisms to cope with the trauma and PTSD. Included in this package are dietary suggestions as well as lifestyle changes to cope with the added trauma.

Additional services in this programme include:
* Assistance with opening a protection order.
* Finding a lawyer (pro bono or paid)
* Finding a safe house or shelter
* Referral to institutions that can provide more intensive psychiatric advice and support.


1.2  Crisis counselling.
This programme is designed for corporates, production houses or broadcasters.
We provide support to clients who are in a state of emotional turmoil or mental health emergency. Any form of abuse or long-term post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) can trigger a crisis.

Crisis counselling is an immediate intervention that can help humans deal with a specific crisis.
Depending on the severity of the crisis, the sessions could run over a few days.

1. 3 Mediation
We offer assistance as a mediator or representative for our clients. If a crime or abuse occurs on the work premises, we can step in and assist in reaching an amicable solution to the crisis to prevent further emotional trauma. Mediation prevents additional emotional trauma on the victim/survivor.

2. The Discovery programme
The Discovery programme offers intensive, high-impact coaching interventions. This programme is for steering the client towards higher value in the workplace, assist in start-up businesses or if the person has faced a period in their life when they require a complete change in career or work. The aim is to discover your hidden talents and skills to succeed in your work and career.

The programme’s duration is 12 to 16 weeks, with a check-in every quarter, thereafter for up to a year.
The programme is suitable for professionals, filmmakers or entertainment proprietors seeking a comprehensive programme to address their most pressing issues.

3.Feel the sun again.
Designed for humans who have suffered any form of GBV or PTSD and need to change careers or work environments. In many cases after trauma, individuals struggle to cope in their work environments, especially if the trauma took place at work. The fact is, everybody reacts differently to trauma. The entertainment industry does not have concrete approaches to sexual harassment and abuse at work. South African labour laws do not support independent contractors or freelancers. In previous cases, victims/survivors have to work with their perpetrators.  Some businesses choose to overlook or not report sexual harassment and misconduct.

The program takes place in approximately five stages.
Creates a safe space for the client to identify their trauma and then find ways of healing.
Find mechanisms that help one cope with the pain.
Is the work environment, a safe space to continue the healing or is it triggering? The client will identify the triggers and then seek to find realistic short term and long term solutions.
The stage will be dependent if the client wishes to find a new job or career or find new ways of working that fall in line with the healing methods.
This stage is optional, should the applicant wish to go the legal route in opening a case against their perpetrator.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, the programmes are only amiable online via Zoom or Skype conference calls.

A few words from our clients

"Rosie's life coaching sessions were a success due to the fact. She not only helped build up and fill in the missing links to reaching this next step in my goal but also gives you relevant sources that fit your idea. I also appreciated that after each session there were tasks given which personally I enjoy as it allows the momentum of creative thinking to continue."- Ayanda Lawrence

“I can never be grateful enough for how much Rosie’s work as a coach has done for me in my career, life and business. Her tips on how to strategize my career and business , have helped me move forward. Her guidance on how to manage mental illnesses in a cognizant have helped me as a mental health sufferer. I would recommend her to anyone as her work speaks for itself and I am forever grateful!”

I mean it Rosie, thank you.

Paballo Kgadima

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